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There's no need to spend all day on your account when you can use a tool that automatically post on Instagram.

Instargets has additional modules to automate some process.

Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, Auto Like,
Auto Comment, Auto Direct Message,
Auto Repost, Advanced Analytics


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Auto Unfollow


Auto Repost


Auto Comment


Advanced Analytics

favoriteAuto Like

instargets Auto Like feature lets you randomly like posts on Instagram automatically. You do not need to start searching for pages and posts to like, instargets does all that on auto. One of the best ways to grow your Instagram followers and show your page to thousands of pages without performing any task is by using this tool. instargets let you chose what to like by providing #hashtag, Location and People targeting.

messageAuto Comment

Increase Engagement by Commenting on the post of others

You can set unlimited predefined comments on instargets to automatically comment on the post of others on Instagram.

One of the best features of Instagram is that you can make comments on any public post. This means you have millions of posts relating to your products where you can make a valuable contribution and gain followers.

Your predefined comments can contain Links (Hashtags and Profile). Emojis are also allowed when saving your comments.

You can set the speed rate at which you can comment.

person_addAuto Follow

With our Auto Follow feature, you can set your Instagram account to follow other users based on your set criteria. This is a great way to follow important people and also gain good follow backs.

center_focus_strongPowerful Targeting Options

This tool lets you follow users with various target settings. You can follow by #Hashtags, Location and People. You can also follow the recent followers of a selected account when you use the People option.

updateFriendly Options

  • Following Speed: Select at what rate you'll like your account to follow. We have speed option from Slow to Very Fast.
  • Pause Time: Choose what time of the day your auto follow should pause and when it should continue.
  • Auto Follow Log: See who your account has followed and other log activities.

trending_downAuto Unfollow

Save time and let instargets do the unfollowing for you. You can schedule unfollowing of the accounts you follow on Instagram. This is the best Instagram Auto Unfollow tool with a whole lot of features.

center_focus_strongWho to Unfollow ?

This feature lets you set who you want to unfollow. You can decide to :

  • Unfollow those who don't follow you only
  • Unfollow Accounts followed via instargets Auto-follow
  • Set a white-list of users not to auto unfollow

access_time Auto Unfollow Safely

We do not promise you auto unfollowing thousands of accounts in one day. We have carefully program the auto unfollow timing to meet up with Instagram best practices.

You have different timing options to choose from and this ranges from unfollowing 24 - 150 accounts daily.

repeatAuto Direct Message

Send Auto DM to your new followers

Show your followers that you care about them by Sending a Welcome or Thank you messages to them.

You do not need to manually write and send messages to your new Instagram followers as it is time-consuming. With instargets Instagram Auto DM Tool, all you need to do is predefine your messages and we'll handle the rest.

codePersonalized Variables

This is one of the best features of instargets Auto DM feature, you can personalize the messages sent by using variables like {{username}} and {{fullname}}, Usernames and Full names of recipients will be replaced respectively.

Your message will be directed at users and won't look like any of those Automated Messages out there.

sendAuto Repost

Publish Temporary Posts from Other Pages

The best way to stay active on social media is to always keep your give your followers something new to ponder about. Sometimes it could be difficult and expensive creating new content. However, there are others who will always update content relevant to what your users like.

You can repost content from others based on hashtags, location and people.

This way, your Instagram account won't stay days or weeks without posting new content.

delete_foreverAuto Delete Re-posted Content

instargets repost function is to keep your page active pending when your original conten will be ready. You can set to delete auto repost content after some hours or days.

show_chartAdvanced Analytics

Simplify Account Tracking and Reporting for Instagram

Instargets gives you real-time analytics reports of key metrics such as follower growth, engagement rate and optimal posting times. Use these insights to adjust your approach or stay the course. After, celebrate news of KPI growth with clients and team members by sharing your dashboard with them.


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Save 23.88 USD by pay annualy

$9.99 /Month

Post Types:

  • Photo, Video
  • Story (Photo only)
  • Album (Photo only)
  • Modules

  • AF AU
  • Spintax Support




    Save 59.88 USD by pay annualy

    $19.99 /Month

    Post Types:

  • Photo, Video
  • Story (Photo only)
  • Album (Photo only)
  • Modules

  • AF AU
  • Spintax Support




    Save 159.88 USD by pay annualy

    $39.99 /Month

    Post Types:

  • Photo, Video
  • Story (Photo only)
  • Album (Photo only)
  • Modules

  • AF AU
  • Spintax Support



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